When it was revealed by surprise by Square Enix in 2022 to celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary, Kingdom Hearts 4 it was still in the early stages of development — as confirmed by the publisher itself at the time.

Although little or no updates on the project’s progress have been reported in the last two years, it seems that the Japanese giant is preparing for a potential debut next year.

According to information shared on Daniel Richtman’s Patreon (or DanielRPK), a well-credible insider in the film industry, Square Enix has plans to release Kingdom Hearts 4 in 2025 — although the specific date was not mentioned on this occasion.

Even an insider recently stated that there is a Kingdom Hearts film or series in production

According to details shared by Richtman (via Insider Gaming), the development of Kingdom Hearts 4 began in 2020, which means that Square Enix has been working on the project for some time — at least four years.

Although Richtman is best known for leaking information about TV series and movies, the release window for the fourth game suggested by the insider has been released. after he also states that there is an adaptation of Kingdom Hearts for the big screen currently in production.

Square Enix would be working on a supposed adaptation of Kingdom Hearts for TV or cinema.Fonte:  Square Enix

The insider isn’t yet sure if it’s a series or a movie, but it looks like something is being worked on behind the scenes. There is also no clear indication that both projects (game and series/film) are related in any way.

Kingdom Hearts 4’s story is still a mystery, but there is already an outline of what’s to come

When it was announced during the franchise’s 20th anniversary celebration, Square Enix revealed that Kingdom Hearts 4 will have Sora once again as the protagonist.

Although it didn’t give much information about the story of the sequel, the publisher confirmed that the iconic character from the saga will live a new story titled “The Lost Master Arc”, which will be set in Quadratum.

Quadratum is the realistic universe shown in the game’s reveal trailer, where Sora faces a gigantic boss in a breathtaking boss fight. The Japanese giant promised that the city in question will be large and set “in a beautiful and realistic world, unlike anything ever seen in the franchise.”

Furthermore, it was also confirmed that other characters such as Donald, Goofy and Strelitzia, who will make her first appearance, will be part of the cast of Kingdom Hearts 4.

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