In the early hours of last Sunday (14), two players from the VCT Pacific 2024 recorded the worst number of kills in the history of the VCT circuit.

Players go one map without taking kills in VCT Pacifico

At VCT Pacifico, marking a difficult point in their competitive careers, two players from Team Secret and RRQ had the worst performances of their careers.

The first series of the day placed the Team Secret against ZETA Division, with a 2-1 victory for TS.

However, a curious fact marked the dispute: during the Lotus map, JessieVashleader and captain of Team Secret, failed to achieve any kills in 19 rounds played, a rare event for a player of his skill.

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Subsequently, the Rex Regum Qeon triumphed over BLEED with a convincing 2-0 victory.

However, the negative highlight was for the player fl1pzjder, who failed to record any kills during Icebox, accumulating eleven kills in 18 rounds played, a setback for his team despite winning the series.

image of the RRQ player's performance at VCT Pacifico
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VCT Pacific 2024

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