The betting house BetBoom is the esports organization’s new long-term partner Team Spirit. The organization has been gaining momentum in recent years, having won the The International em Dota 2 it’s yes IEM Katowice 2024 em CS 2.

To celebrate the new partnership, the video “The Perfect Clip” was released, now available on Team Spirit’s YouTube channel. Check out:

Artem Saveliev, Head of Esports at BetBoom, spoke about the new partnership with Team Spirit:

Every perfect club needs a partner just as perfect! BetBoom and Team Spirit are very similar: we are open to new opportunities and we value delighting our audience with content and new achievements. Everyone wants to be the first, but it’s also important to be memorable and leave a mark on history

Contact between Betboom and Team Spirit began in the Betboom Dacha championship, which the team even won with a memorable performance from young Donk.

It’s great that our contacts through BetBoom Dacha and other events have grown into a comprehensive partnership. BetBoom will continue to support the best esports representatives in Europe, America, Asia and other regions. Team Spirit has won many trophies before us — I hope that with BetBoom, they will win even more!

Cheshir, CEO of Team Spirit, also celebrated the new partnership and highlighted that BetBoom is interested in developing esports and creating new competitions, “not afraid to experiment”.

We have known BetBoom for a long time and have observed their work in the esports market. They have proven themselves to be not only great professionals, but also a company interested in developing esports and creating brilliant new tournaments and media events. Furthermore, BetBoom is not afraid to experiment.

We are happy that our future vision is aligned and we are ready to work together. This was a crucial point of contact for us when discussing cooperation. I am sure that our partnership will benefit both parties and will also bring many bright and memorable moments to our industry, both for Team Spirit fans and esports fans

It is expected that BetBoom will soon be on Team Spirit’s uniforms. Coincidentally, the team’s next commitment is precisely the BetBoom Dacha Belgrade 2024 tournament, scheduled for the 14th and 19th of May.

The CS 2 championship will be broadcast in Portuguese on the BTSBrasilTV channel.

(Image: Disclosure/Betboom)
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