After becoming champion of Champions 2022, blow was the new hire of Sentinels for the Franchise League VALUING. However, with changes to the squad, the player went to the bench and vented during a live broadcast about the situation.

(Photo: Riot Games)

Last year, pANcada played outside of his role and had to play Sentinel for a good part of the season, even though he was considered the best controller of 2022.

In a live broadcast, pANcada made some comments about playing sentry. This, while the player was in a match and there was a Killjoy on your team.

Stop crying, bro. I had to play an entire season with this, just a retake.

pANcada confirms that he will not be at VCT KICKOFF Americas

Furthermore, during the live, he was asked if he was eager to participate in the VCT KICKOFF Americas, initial championship for partner teams. However, the player said: “For what? I’m not going to play”.

Finally, pANcada also confirmed to viewers that he is in Brazil, thus revealing that the player will not participate in the championship.

Recently, Sentinels CEO Rob Moore participated in a podcast and spoke about the situation of the Brazilian player and his replacement by Zellsis.

PANcada photo, Sentinels player
(Photo: Riot Games)

Sentinels no KICKOFF Americas

With Zellsis as a starter and a bench player, Sentinels debut in VCT KICKOFF Americas on February 17th, at 7pm, Brasília time, against LOUD. The championship will give the two best teams a place in the Masters Madrid.

Raquel Ferreira
published in February 9, 2024


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