What else was there for the Aurelion Solin Patch 14.3, was a buff, with the idea of ​​making the champion more proactive. The dragon became a monster, and within a few hours, he received a correction – which upset the LoL community.

The community decided to call this “Riot Special“, as if he acted on impulse and became a strong champion and then regretted it and launched a correction.

Aurelion Sol suffers correction after buff

One of the buffs on the champion was in W, where the Bonus Damage of the skill increased by 4% at the first level and then after the correction the skill was reduced by 10% at the first level. The community reacted:

It’s the Riot Special, if you mess up it’s worse than the last patch

Another community member agrees with the complaint:

I’m sure they just roll some dice to decide things, so much randomness isn’t possible.

And yet another response in sequence shows dissatisfaction:

The data would probably give more acceptable results.

But is it really worth complaining so soon? Another discussion arose in the community proving that there is nothing Riot Special about it.

Image: Reproduction/Riot

Did Aurelion Sol benefit from the changes?

A Reddit user brought Aurelion Sol’s game numbers and victory percentages throughout this buff/nerf period and the numbers tell another story, check it out:

  • Before the buffs arrived (06/02): 52.81% of victory;
  • When the buffs arrived (07/02): 55.77% of victory;
  • After the nerfs arrive (08/02): 53.22% of victory.

The first impression we can have is that the increase has occurred, even if it is only 0.41%However, the number of games grew by 4 thousand compared to the 6th and the 8th.

  • Before the buffs arrived (06/02): 26,087 of victory;
  • When the buffs arrived (07/02): 72,658 of victory;
  • After the nerfs arrive (08/02): 31,245 of victory.
LoL Aurelion Sol
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Community redeeming Riot?

The community stopped short of praising Riot, but admitted the exaggeration of other Reddit members. Check out:

This Riot Special post is a classic example of how “Reddit knows about balance”

Another fan admitted to being surprised by the change, but soon understood:

I have to admit I was like, “HE LOST 12% OF DAMAGE ON W???” but then I stopped and thought: “Wait…in W…?” For a hyperscale mage with almost 58% win percentage, it’s an ok nerf.

Another fan quips:

Wait, so you’re telling me that Reddit reacted in a blatant and unnecessary way again and you think they understand balance and how to evaluate numbers? I’m completely shocked!

Splash Art Aurelion Sol
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Riot admits the error.

In a post-patch review, Riot Phroxzon, the gameplay design leader, published in his review after patch changes an outburst about this Aurelion Sol situation.

We made a mistake on this one. We clearly gave too much ammunition in this balance and we have to admit that we underestimated how significant this buff to W could be. Even after the nerf, we believe that Aurelion will be stronger than before the buffs.

The impetus for the changes was to honor the desire of Aurelion players to want to be more proactive in lane, but we understand that giving so much power to W would make the champion a numbers freak with stacks and would scale much faster than normal.

We are open to admitting that we made a mistake, and that this even bothered some Aurelion Sol mains, who enjoy the more passive game.

Na photo, o Riot Phroxzon
Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/lol-afinal-o-aurelion-sol-recebeu-um-buff-ou-nao

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