O VCT KICKOFF Americas 2024 premieres this Friday (14)! The 11 teams from the Americas Franchise League will compete for two places in the Masters Madrid. Furthermore, with the initial championship some new things also happen.

Group A contains the largest number of newcomers

Group A of the VCT KICKOFF Americas has the most new players in the Franchise League. On the one hand, the FURY brought two new members who were in the Challengers being them: Havoc e Liazzi. On the other side, the MIBR he brought at least it’s at Cloud9 he brought OXY e wippie.

KICKOFF Americas Group B has 7 VALORANT Champions

If, on the one hand, Group A has several freshmen, Group B has experienced players in the game. In total, there are seven players who have already been champions of VALORANT Champions, namely:

  • Saadhak
  • Less
  • Sacy
  • quotation marks
  • blow
  • c0m
  • Boostio

Brazil is the second country with the most players in VCT KICKOFF Americas

Brazil has 16 representatives, who defend five different organizations, namely: LOUD, FURIA, MIBR, Sentinels e Leviathan. Furthermore, the country is second only to the United States, which has 23 players.

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published in February 15, 2024

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/vct-kickoff-americas-curiosidades-que-voce-precisa-saber-do-campeonato

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