During a live broadcast, saadhakcaptain of LOUD vented about changes in the team for the Split 1 do VCT Americas 2024. The Argentine stated that his leadership was costing his mental health and thus, he chose to leave responsibilities in the hands of the coaches.

saadhak claims he was always in control of LOUD

Many people praise saadhak for his compositional creations and his success as an IGL. However, the player vented during a live broadcast about the lack of a voice he felt after the departure of Sacy of the cast. He also confirmed that the team has always been in his control.

When we created the team, after Sacy left, there was a bit of a lack of a more prominent voice within the team. Generally, at the time, I did a lot of tactics, we obviously had coaches who helped us, but I never left the team 100% in the hands of anyone other than me. That means I always wanted to do things my way.

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saadhak says habit affected mental health

In addition to saying that he didn’t let other people lead the team, Saadhak also said that his mental health was affected, as he had the need to do everything his own way. He revealed that he was experiencing burnout and coaches often had to adapt to his style.

This was consuming my mind and my health. I was very stressed, I had health problems that you have no idea about, due to the stress I was suffering. Like it or not, it’s a habit I picked up very unconsciously. I wanted to do things my way and if someone gave their opinion on something, without swearing or anything, but they said they wanted to do it this way, this way and this way. This burdened me more and more until it reached a point that was absurd.

It felt like I had to do a lot of work, which was nothing like VALORANT in many situations and I got a lot of burnout. The coaches who joined our team, stk, frod, peu, felt a little bad about joining our team. They often had to adapt to our style of play and I didn’t give the guy space to do what he’s good at.

Responsibility in the hands of coaches

Finally, Saadhak stated that he chose to make the coaches more comfortable doing the team’s work. Furthermore, he said that previously, coaches received unnecessary hate.

These are things that I have to fix. For this first split, I’m leaving what we have to do much more in the hands of the coaches. Does this mean I’m going to let the team down? I will never let the team down. It took a month for me to recover after a competitive year. Coaches often, even now, receive unnecessary hate. We played badly, it wasn’t their vision, it was mine, and they took the hate and I didn’t.

VCT Americas 2024

LOUD returns to the server on April 20th against Cloud9while NRG will face FURY on Sunday (14). It is worth mentioning that the championship will have five rounds and will classify three teams for the Masters Shanghai.

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