On the night of this Friday (1) the Riot Games came back with the new update after withdrawing the vacancy from The Guard do VCT Americas. With pressure from the community, the developer announced that players will be able to seek a new organization. Furthermore, Leo Fariastated that the previous position was a “mistake”.

In the publication, Riot Games reported that there was a conversation with players, released by The Guard to hear new proposals. In addition, in the statement, the developer reported that athletes will have more time to look for new teams or present a new organization for the vacancy.

Leo Faria assumes that Riot Games’ previous decision
“it was a mistake”

On social media, the global leader of VALORANT acknowledged the developer’s mistake in withdrawing the vacancy from The Guardteam that won the VCT Ascension and secured a spot in the Franchise League. In addition, he thanked the community for supporting the players.

After working directly with players, reviewing the process, and taking more time to think about the issue, we came up with a path that gives them a chance to compete in the VCT Americas league next year.

I want to thank everyone for supporting the players. We acted very quickly in making the original decision, quickly realized it was a mistake and your feedback made that clear. I’m glad we got a chance to fix this and let players play.

Previously, Leo Faria spoke about the reasons why Riot had decided to remove the vacancy from the organization. Finally, the director pointed out that the idea of Ascension was hoping to see new players in the International League.

(Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games)
Raquel Ferreira
published in September 1, 2023edited a day ago

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