This Saturday (13) the RED Canids it’s at 2Game came away with victory in the playoffs VALORANT Challengers Brasil 2024 (VCB). Thus, the teams face each other for a place in the final of the competition.

RED Canids x Galorys

The game between the teams took place on two maps, on Ascent the game went into extra time and Matilha won by 14-12. Already Iceboxthe game was also balanced, but the Galorys failed to take it to the decisive map and RED won by 13-11.

HERO Base x 2Game

In the second series of the day, the game started on BreezeHERO’s choice, but 2Game started better and closed 13-11. On 2Game’s map of choice, Splitthe series remained in balance, but HERO was unable to get the points and the opponents closed, for 13-11.

(Image: Duivulgação/Hero Base)

VCB 2024

This Sunday (14) the lower bracket clashes will take place. Galorys e Legacy face each other, while HERO Base and Stellae, seek to stay in the competition.

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Raquel FerreiraRaquel Ferreira
published in April 13, 2024


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