A I live Keyd Stars won the RED Canids 3-1 and is in the grand final of the lower bracket of the CBLOL 2024 1st split playoffs. After the match, Guigo top laner of the warriors, said that RED players provoked them in the game’s chat during the first game.

It’s worth remembering that RED won the first game, and, as mentioned by the top laner in After the Nexus, the pack players were typing several things in the chat in that match, which gave Keyd fuel to come back and win the other three matches!

In the first game, Aegis and Brance kept typing in /all: ‘no, you’re so shocked’, ‘you’re doing a lot of shit’, ‘what’s up, guys, you’re doing a lot of shit’. Then we came with blood in our eyes. They gave a lot of fuel. The Aegis asked. Even I screamed, as I’m not much of a screamer. (…) I’m not going to lie, it was great to beat them, especially after they kept typing shit in the first game.

The provocation clarified to the fans why all the Keyd players screamed so much after winning the matches. See Smiley’s reaction:

Vivo Keyd and paiN compete for the last spot in the CBLOL 2024 final

Now Vivo Keyd Stars will face paiN Gaming this Sunday (13) in the final of the lower bracket of CBLOL 2024. Whoever wins advances to the decision and will face LOUD, who are looking for their fourth title in a row.

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(Photo: Disclosure/CBLOL)
Bruno RodriguesBruno Rodrigues
published in April 13, 2024

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