Hide will be next to Galorys as a member of the squad for the VALORANT Challengers Brasil (VCB) 2024 and will replace Evilkyk who will be a reserve player, as informed by the organization this Thursday (15).

According to information from the More Esports, the organization already had the desire to sign a sixth player to be on the squad and Hide was the biggest interest. Furthermore, after some conversations between Evilkyk and Galorys, the player asked to be moved to the bench.

Hide not VALUING

Hide is a 16-year-old who entered the competitive scene less than a year ago. His first tournament appearance was in September 2023, at KR Cupwhere he played for the team Vex Dragons.

He then participated in the MEG 2023OFF//SEASON championship, where he had some positive results, but ended up being eliminated by Freed.

Recently, the player participated in the open qualifiers for VCB 2024 and qualified for the closed qualifier, but was eliminated after falling to the lower bracket, by Turkish Hostages 2-0.

If the changes occur, Galorys will have the following squad for VCB 2024:

  • sato
  • luxury
  • rood
  • Urango
  • hide
  • shaw (coach)

Galorys Positioning

Mais Esports reached out to Galorys for answers regarding Evilkyk’s move to the bench and the organization issued the following position: “The player himself approached the esports director and asked to be moved to the bench.”

(Photo: Disclosure/GamersClubVAL)
Raquel Ferreira
published in February 15, 2024

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/vcb-2024-hide-sera-titular-e-substituira-evilkyk-na-galorys

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