Recently the Riot Games revealed the imminent arrival of the anti-cheat VANGUARD no LoL. The program was initially created for VALORANT and will now also be in the company’s MOBA.

The news did not please many players, but it has already been decided that the MOBA will have the mechanism, and in this matter the More Esports show you when VANGUARD arrives in LoL and all information about the new MOBA anti-cheat.

When does the VANGUARD anti-cheat arrive in League?

O VANGUARD anti-cheat arrives in LoL on February 22ndno patch 14.4, and from the 24th, notifications of mandatory downloading should be issued.

The information was given by the profile League of Legends Leaksfamous for revealing several new features of the game in advance.

Will LoL anti-cheat work on MAC computers?

LoL VANGUARD anti-cheat is expected to work normally on MAC computers, as per the minimum and recommended requirements of League of Legends.

What is the VANGUARD anti-cheat in LoL?

VANGUARD was launched in VALORANT as a protective program against hackers, scripters, etc., who are players who use third-party programs to gain advantages in the game.

Obviously anti-cheat is not 100% effective, but it shows good protection, mainly because it runs in Kernel mode, the “deepest” level of the computer. This allows Riot to ban players at the hardware level, meaning the user would have to replace vital parts of the PC to play again.

What happens when LoL anti-cheat detects a hacker or script?

Se o LoL anti-cheat detects any hacker or script, the match is automatically ended and a warning is given on the screen showing that a hacker has been identified in LoL.

Will VANGUARD anti-cheat be mandatory in LoL?

Yes the VANGUARD anti-cheat will be mandatory in LoLjust like it is in VALORANT.

It is a program that starts with the computer, so if you interrupt its execution and then want to play, you will need to restart the computer so that it restarts with the system.

How to install VANGUARD for LoL?

Riot will provide instructions for Download do VANGUARD as soon as he arrives in League.

For new players, it is expected that it will arrive alongside the download of League of Legends itself, just as it occurs in VALORANT.

How do I uninstall VANGUARD from my PC?

You can uninstall Vanguard from the “Uninstall Programs” from Windows, as well as remove any program from the PC.

Just click the button Start and write “Uninstall or Remove Programs“. Then search for “Vanguard” and uninstall it.

Anti-cheat is a separate program from the game, so uninstalling League of Legends does not uninstall VANGUARD.

Remember, League will not start without the anti-cheat installed and started.

(Image: Reproduction/LoL)


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