yay is one of the most popular names in VALUING International. The player became known for his Chamber and also for being runner-up in the Champions 2022. After leaving the Cloud9, the star must be the new player of the Bleed Esportsaccording to Flynn.

Possible Destiny at Bleed Esports

In the table, yay appears on Bleed Esports. The Singapore organization won his place in VCT Pacific upon winning the VCT Ascension this year. Currently, the team has only four players in its squad. However, the organization has already shown interest in major international signings in the past.

(Photo: Riot Games)

Hints of new yay team

The signs that lead fans to believe in this transfer are intriguing. Firstly, his Tracker.gg profile is no longer active, which could indicate that he is playing on a different account. However, there are those who believe that this is due to the transfer of the account to servers in the region APAC.

In a live broadcast, zommy conversation on the voice channel and fans claim that his voice resembles yay. Even the streamer Tarik, began to believe the rumors. Additionally, after reviewing gameplay clips, he stated on his stream: “That’s 100% yay”.

The Silence of yay

Finally, so far, he has not revealed anything about his plans in off-season and uses social media just to tease fans about his next destination. His last participation was for the team Disguised no Challengers North American, which he left in June following the team’s relegation.

Player says he will be in a VCT league in 2024

Recently, with the non-competition season in full swing, yay made a post on social media announcing his return to the highest level of play.

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