Clove was recently announced on VALUING and although its place in the meta is still undefined, some professional players have demonstrated the power of the game’s nine controllers.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

In the hands of a winner of Champions 2023, landscape and Evil Geniuses, any VALORANT agent can be deadly, and he proved it after performing well with Deadlock during the VCT Americas.

But his aggressive playstyle suits perfectly with an agent like Cloveand he is already showing why he is strong.

With an ability to overcure which runs out quickly and an ultimate that encourages players to be aggressive, jawgemo has already played games of Clove and shown the agent’s potential.

Clove’s ultimate ability has drawn some comparisons to that of Phoenixas both provide the player with the ability to play with a “extra life”.

Although Jawgemo has less time to get used to Clove, Nine Agent could be an excellent choice for a player like TenZwhich plays mainly with smoke to Sentinelsbut also spends a lot of time in the duelist role and is more aggressive.

Raquel FerreiraRaquel Ferreira
published in March 28, 2024edited 2 days ago


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