During a live broadcast, the former football player NRG, FNS answered a question about who is the best player in the history of the VALUING. The streamer mentioned some of the best in his opinion and the GOAT for him is Brazilian.

Who is the GOAT of VALORANT for FNS?

In the broadcast he mentioned some names and explained why he sees these specific players as big names in VALORANT.

quotes is the best! VALORANT is basically half a year and it has been constant for three years straight. The undisputed GOAT for me is asas and the only one that comes close now is demon1.

FNS also stated that two other players also performed highly in their career peaks. Finally, he reported that Less and Alfajer could also be in the discussion.

quotes, yay and demon1 for what they did in a continuous time and that’s what I value. The amount of impact they’ve had in that they’ve played all year is why, the consistency they’ve had for so long.

quotes first, as he managed to maintain this performance in 17 different goals and in three years. In terms of pure domination, the three surpass the other players. Furthermore, Alfajer and Less are certainly in on it.

Raquel Ferreira
published in April 7, 2024

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/valorant-quem-e-o-goat-do-jogo-para-fns-confira

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