Stardew Valley is one of those simulators where you can do a multitude of things, from managing your own farm, to completing different missions and forming a family with one of the 12 romantic couple options available.

Another fun feature of the simulator, which adds a lot to the experience, is online or local multiplayer. The feature allows up to eight players to interact in the same world and do a series of things together, including entering into a marriage.

That’s right! In addition to the 12 NPCs available in the game, you can also marry another player in co-op. Stardew Valley. However, the rules of marriage are a little different for players.

In addition to the 12 NPCs, it is also possible to marry another player in Stardew Valley multiplayer.Fonte:  Stardew Valley

Recently, the Voxel created a complete tutorial how to get married in Stardew Valley and we added valuable information there, including the benefits of marriage and even the best NPCs to create bonds with. Check out the details at the link below:

As also Is it possible to marry another player in online multiplayer? Stardew Valley, so nothing fairer than a new guide, right? Therefore, we will be your cupid once again!

How to marry another player in Stardew Valley online multiplayer?

Unlike the entire courtship process that needs to be done with any of the 12 NPCs, such as winning 10 hearts and waiting for the relationship to develop, getting married in the simulator’s multiplayer is much easier and faster than you might think.

Understand that you still need to follow some specific steps to cplay with another player in multiplayer Stardew Valley, being them:

1. Buy the Wedding Ring recipe

Instead of purchasing the Mermaid Pendant to ask for a hand from an NPC, In multiplayer you must acquire the Wedding Ring recipe, which is used to propose marriage to another player.

Travel Cart where you can buy the Wedding Ring recipe in Stardew Valley.Travel Cart where you can buy the Wedding Ring recipe in Stardew Valley.Fonte:  Stardew Valley

The only way to get the recipe is in the Travel Cart, a store that appears south of his little farm, in Floresta Cinzaseiva, on Friday and Sunday, from 6am to 8pm. Remembering that the item costs 500 gold and only appears for purchase if you are connected to multiplayer.

2. Create the Wedding Ring

After purchasing the Wedding Ring recipe, you will now have to forge the item. The Wedding Ring requires five Iridium Bars and a Prismatic Shard to create.

Iridium Bars can be found in the Skull Cavern and inside Iridium Nodes, Mystic Stones, Magma Geodes, and Omni Geodes. Prismatic Shards can be found in Mystic Stones in the Mines, Iridium Knots and in the treasure room of the Skull Cave.

3. Propose marriage

With the Wedding Ring created, now all you need to do is present it to your partner (or partner) to establish the marriage. The ceremony, just like in singleplayer, also takes place three days after the player accepts the request.

To get married in Stardew Valley multiplayer, simply gift the player with a Wedding Ring.To get married in Stardew Valley multiplayer, simply gift the player with a Wedding Ring.Fonte:  Stardew Valley

Remembering that, after the wedding, players will receive a Starfruit as a gift next to their original beds. Furthermore, it is also possible to have children, as long as your home has the upgrade that includes access to the children’s room.

Marry someone else in multiplayer Stardew Valley it’s that simple. Did you like the tutorial? Comment on social media Voxel!


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