The year 2023 was marked by dissatisfaction among organizations with Riot Games. This Monday (9) the I live Keyd Stars announced the exit from the competitive scenario of VALUING. O More Esports had previously verified the information.

In a text on social media, the VKS confirmed the departure from the VALORANT modality. Furthermore, he reported that the “uncertainties in the regional scenario” it was one of the reasons why the organization decided to leave the game.

Vivo Keyd Stars also took the place in Challengers Brasil for players who have the presence of pleats, krain, pollo e marlow, on the technical committee. These players also reported via social media that they are looking for a new organization.

(Photo: Reproduction/Vivo Keyd Stars)

I live Keyd Stars no VALORANT

VKS was one of the organizations that participated in the Challengers Brasilbut with the end of the season and also with dissatisfaction with Riot’s planning put the players on the bench.

The organization joined VALORANT in 2020 and was also present at Champions 2021where it was eliminated by X10 e no Masters Berlinwhere it fell to KRÜ.

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Today, we want to announce our farewell to VCB. It was an extremely difficult decision, but very studied. Unfortunately, due to all the uncertainties in the regional scenario at the moment, we chose to leave the VALORANT competition and allocate the organization’s place to players, who also no longer have ties to VKS.

VALORANT is a very important game for us and it was a sport that brought us a lot of joy, in addition to demonstrating our competitive spirit. Through him, Keyd opened doors for great players and participated in several international championships. We know that we made history and that is why it is not easy to communicate this to you, who have been rooting and supporting so much all this time.

For now, we feel obliged to thank everyone who was part of this and helped establish Keyd as a prominent team in the tournaments it participated in. We also want to give our big thanks to the most recent line, pleets, krain, liazzi, pollo, flainzz, marlowfps, Koyfps and bielzera, who honored the org’s legacy with excellence. We wish you lots of luck and achievements on this new journey.

To you, legion, thank you very much. You know that for Keyd, it’s never goodbye. But for now, the memories of this legacy we built together remain.


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