The end of the year VALUING became a stage for players to reflect on the current scenario of Rior’s fps. This Friday (22), Sacyplayer of Sentinels expressed his sadness regarding the paths that Tier 2 (VCB) it’s going.

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Sacy talks about the situation at Challengers Brasil

In a publication on social media, Sacy addressed the difficulties that Brazil faces after the mass departure of several organizations. It is worth highlighting that this departure also affected other regions such as NA.

Sacy began his speech by highlighting the rise of the VALORANT competitive scene in Brazil and described how the region achieved incredible growth. Furthermore, he emphasized the players who strived for excellence to be the best.

Brazil was a region that was growing absurdly fast in the competitive VALORANT scene, with people playing non-stop in search of being the best.

However, the tone of the statement changed when Sacy expressed his concern about the current Tier 2 situation in Brazil. He noted that players he has shared games with, both as teammates and opponents, are losing hope.

Many are now hesitant to follow their dreams in the competitive scene, questioning whether it is worth facing the instability that has arisen in Tier 2.

It’s so sad here. Today I see people I played with and against, losing hope and thinking 10x before going after their dream, wondering if it’s worth it for the instability it ended up creating within Tier 2.

Image of The Union after winning the Ascension spot
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Sacy thanks the organizations that remained in Tier 2

After the regular stage of Challengers Brasil, Several organizations announced their withdrawal from the VALORANT competition due to dissatisfaction with the scenario and the lack of sustainability in remaining in the sport.

Finally, only three organizations have remained, so far, for the 2024 season. Thus, the former LOUD player also made a point of thanking the organizations and players who continued. He also recognized the efforts needed to face the difficulties.

A big thank you to the orgs and especially players who are still trying to make this happen. I know how complicated the situation is and I understand the sacrifice you make, the effort each of you makes to make a living from it.

Leo Faria says that Tier 2 players should seek to be in Franchises

During the Champions 2023o More Esports conducted an exclusive interview with the general director of VALORANT, Leo Faria, where he stated that Tier 2 sought development and not stability.

However, during MD3, an esports podcast, the director clarified that Riot does not want players to settle in Tier 2, but seek to be in the International Leagues.

Photo of Sacy, Sentinels player
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