The developer Fntasticresponsible for the game The Day Before, will close its doors. The studio itself announced the closure of activities this Monday (11).

According to the statement, the game “financially failed” and the company no longer has funds to maintain its activities. According to the studio, all the money received from the few sales of The Day Before will be used to pay off debts with partners.

“We invested all of our efforts, resources and manpower into developing The Day Before, which was our first major game. We really wanted to release new patches and bring out the full potential of the game. But unfortunately, we don’t have the financing to continue the work”, says the message.

The company’s official website has also been updated and now only contains the farewell letter.

The Day Before was a critical and sales failure

On the promise of being an innovative MMO experience and mix elements of survival, horror and action, The Day Before was released last Friday (8).

The game was in Early Access and had a very turbulent development, experiencing three delays in its schedule. On Steam, the title was massacred by users, who complained about server problems, bugs and few gameplay elements.

According to Fntastic, no money was obtained from the public, such as in crowdfunding or pre-sale campaigns. “We worked tirelessly for five years, pouring blood, sweat and tears into the game,” declares the studio.

They also apologize for not meeting the players’ expectations and confess that they “miscalculated” some factors, underestimating the challenging process of developing a large-scale project.

Fntastic was founded in 2015 and has released smaller titles over the years, such as Propnight, Radiant One and Dead Dozen.


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