A Riot Games anunciou a Update 8.07 of VALUING this Tuesday (16) with changes to some game agents and bug fixes in Clove.



Omen is now able to pick up the Spike and interact with other usable items, such as doors, while in Shadow Leap (X) without having to cancel the ability. The goal is to make these interactions more intuitive and clearly intended.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed placing the Chamber Trademark (C) in prohibited locations.


  • Implemented a speculative fix for a bug that caused Clove’s corpse to remain standing after death.
  • If you still encounter this in a game, report it here: https://support-valorant.riotgames.com/hc/pt-br/requests/new and choose “Technical Problems: Installation, patch, lag or crash ”.
  • Clove’s Not Yet Dead (X) has once again collaborated with the progress of the weekly mission “Use your ultimate” and the match details no longer report a total of 0 casts.
  • Clove’s Gambit (E) used after death has reappeared in the Match Summary.
    The damage done to Clove’s Revitalize (C) temporary health has once again appeared in the Combat Report.
  • Fixed a bug affecting Clove’s aim during I’m Not Dead Yet (X) when under Suppression.
  • Clove no longer resurrects without her primary weapon when using I’m Not Dead Yet (X).
  • Clove’s head and arm hitboxes no longer become out of place when aiming too high or too low with Gambit (E) equipped.
  • The same bug has been fixed for when Clove crouches with Gambit (E) equipped.
  • Clove’s Devitalization (Q) no longer displays the wrong ability icon in the Combat Report.
  • Applied a speculative fix to Clove’s Revitalize (C) HUD, which was displaying values ​​greater than 150 Health when taking fall damage while activating the ability.
  • Moving within the boundaries of Clove’s smoke no longer causes blurred vision; now the transition will be seamless.
  • When Clove dies, her dead allies or bystanders no longer skip the deathcam ceremony.
  • Clove’s Devitalization (Q) no longer causes a client crash.
(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)


Weapon and skin audio

Tickets reporting bugs in skin audio and we have implemented fixes for the skins below:

  • Classic Glitchpop
  • Classic Sublime
  • Classic Criostase
  • Classic Anti-Radio-Matter Atomizer (ARMA)
  • Classic Espectro
  • Operator Ancifogo
  • Pure Sheriff

(Note: this fix had already been implemented during 8.05, but we will mention it again here so everyone is aware).
We have also received reports of sound issues with several other weapons/skins (Standard Phantom, Phantom Oni, Phantom Recon, etc.), but we have verified that they are working correctly. If these weapons or any other first-person sound effects sound different on headphones compared to before 8.05, it could be due to VALORANT’s own audio setup.

This can happen if your USB headset is recognized by Windows as a multi-channel surround sound device and if you have chosen to leave your VALORANT audio setting set to Auto Detect.

If you are using headphones, have Auto Detect selected, and Spatial Audio enabled, your sound settings should appear as 2.0. If any other channel number is displayed, you will need to change VALORANT’s sound back to Stereo or enable Spatial Audio in Windows to fix this issue.


  • The Radio Command Menu associated with numeric keys no longer creates conflict when trying to activate commands.


  • The status displayed in the cast list has returned to readable size.
    We fixed an issue that prevented draw information from being displayed correctly on the Scoreboard.
Raquel FerreiraRaquel Ferreira
published in April 16, 2024

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