Whether on a call with friends or on social media, there is always that one player LoL who says he hates falling against champion X or Y, which if we look at the numbers: these characters aren’t even that popular.

Which champion has a reputation for being popular in League, but doesn’t appear much?

The community asked the question after so many comments complaining about a specific champion, even though he isn’t that popular in LoL. And the person who started the debate was a top-laner:

I think a good example is Gwen, I see people mentioning her directly on social media, but in the game? She has a very low pick rate, even though she has a poor win rate (49% wins on all links and 50.5% on Esmeralda +).

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Another user mentioned another top-laner, and I completely agree with this one. See if you agree too:

Irelia. People have this crazy idea that she’s a sustainable competitive pick, but she hasn’t played more than 34 games in a major league for over 2 years. This season she has three games and they are all defeats. And she’s not that popular in Solo Queue, Garen actually has a higher win percentage than her in a high elo.

Skin Irelia Mythical Creator
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Another community member quotes support:

Seraphine, she is popular everywhere, but not in the game. You might think her pick percentage rivals Yone, but it’s not even close.

Seraphine Guardia Estelar skin art image
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There were also people remembering the champion who was once the “mascot” of LoL, but… he is going through a bad phase in the game.

Teemo — I barely see him in a game and the guy is one of LoL’s reference champions

Image of Teemo's rework in League, which was nerfed
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And to close the list, one more support appears:

Everyone likes the Braum and I’ve seen him in a lot of posts on Reddit, people saying how much they love him and the last genuine time I saw a Braum player was a year ago.

skins de natal - Braum Boel
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published in April 16, 2024

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