The year 2023 was remarkable for VALUING, with several updates and new content that shaped the competitive landscape. While we wait for the news scheduled for 2024, it’s time to remember the most significant changes that marked the year that is about to end.

Changes to VALORANT in 2023

Start of the Year with Episode 6, Act 1

The year began with Episode 6, Act 1 which brought VALORANT’s ninth map, Lotuswhich marked the return of Split and other significant changes. This episode kicked off a series of events that would extend until January 2024, setting the stage for a new Episode and Act.

New maps, agents, modes

The year 2023 saw the introduction of exciting content in VALORANT. Lotusa map located in the Western Ghats of India, was the initial highlight, offering a structure inspired by rock-cut architecture and intriguing details. Furthermore, the map Sunsetinspired by The Angelsbrought strategic diversity and impressive visual details.

Agents and Team Deathmatch Mode

Three new agents have been added to the game: Gekko, Deadlock e Iso. While Gekko and Iso positively impacted the meta, Deadlock was initially criticized for his weakness and led Riot Games to tweak his abilities. Furthermore, the long-awaited mode Team Deathmatch was released, combining skills and fast-paced gunplay into a unique experience.

(Reproduction/Riot Games)


The way to tournament Premierwent from open beta to official launch in Episode 7, Act 2 and marked a significant step forward for casual players.

Return of Split, Bind and Breeze and changes

After significant changes, maps Split, Bind e Breeze returned to the competitive rotation, replacing Icebox e Fracture. Episode 6, Act 1 saw the return of Split, while Bind was relaunched in Episode 6, Act 3, and Breeze returned in Episode 7, Act 2.

Image of Breeze back in VALORANT
Breeze will be back in VALORANT at the end of August (Image: Disclosure/Riot)

Nerf on Jett and Other Agents

Update 7.04 was marked by a significant nerf to Jett, and reduced the duration of his abilities. The update also Adjusted the kits of several agents, changing the ultimate charge requirements to nine points and impacting the game meta.

Buff Significativo a Cypher

A update 7.09 brought joy to Cypher players with significant improvements to their Trapwires. Traps now no longer break immediately after being activated, providing a reactivation time if not destroyed. The changes made Cypher a stronger and more annoying choice for opponents.

Photo of Cypher, VALORANT agent
(Photo: Riot Games)


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