In a video from NRG with the recently announced cast of VALUING, Demon 1one of the new signings for 2024 made a tierlist with the teams participating in the VCT Americas. Furthermore, the winner of the Champions 2023 underestimated the Brazilian lineups.

(Photo: Reproduction/NRG VALORANT)

In the video, players had to answer controversial questions or eat food with pepper. Therefore, when asked to rank the teams participating in VCT Americas from best to worst, Demon1 did not evade the question and did not say MIBR, FURY e LOUD at the top of the list.

Tierlist with Brazilian teams being underestimated

Among the Brazilian teams in Américas, he placed MIBR in 9th place, while FURIA was in 6th. Furthermore, LOUD, which was the champion of VCT Americas 2023, came in 5th place.

Other teams with Brazilians like Sentinels e Leviathan, appeared in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. The player put the former team, Evil Geniusesas the worst on the list and his new organization, NRG, as the best.

Check out the list made by Demon1

  • 1st place: NRG
  • 2nd place: Sentinels
  • 3rd place: Leviathan
  • 4th place: G2
  • 5th place: LOUD
  • 6th place: FURY
  • 7º lugar: 100Thieves
  • 8th place: KRÜ
  • 9th place: MIBR
  • 10th place: Evil Geniuses

A NRG recently announced its new cast of VALUING for the upcoming 2024 season. After rumors, the organization tbrought the double champion of Champions 2023, Demon1 e Ethan.

Raquel Ferreira
published in January 2, 2024


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