A Minas Cup announced this Saturday (21) an award for the competition called Minas Awards Cup 2023. The championship of VALUING It had three editions and has two more planned by the end of the year.

Check out all the categories of the Taça das Minas Awards:

  • Best Duelist
  • Best Launcher
  • Best Controller
  • Best Sentinel
  • Best Flex
  • Best Coach
  • Best Narrator
  • Best Commentator
  • Best Host
  • Craque da Galera
  • Best Play
  • Best Watch Party
  • CUP Personality

The creator and ambassador of the project Barbara Micheletto explained how the initiative to create an award focused on the championship came about. Furthermore, it demonstrates the strength of the inclusive landscape in VALORANT.

Since the first edition of the Taça das Minas, I wanted to do something for the inclusive scenario. Celebrate the best in our scene, give them space and visibility. I think it’s extremely important to have this space, we have incredible names representing esports, names that need to be seen and recognized.

Definition of nominees and awards for each category

According to Babi, the Cup has a database with all editions that will be passed on to the judges to indicate some names from each category. The five most voted will be the grand finalists and will go to the popular vote along with the jury vote.

Who can be nominated for the awards?

All players, coaches, casters and streamers who participated in any edition of the Taça das Minas 2023 could be one of the nominations. It is worth mentioning that there will be two more editions, one in October and another in December.

Objective of the Taça das Minas Awards

Babi explained that he always wanted to make an award for the entire inclusive scenario, however, due to lack of support, it was not possible. Furthermore, she stated that everyone participating behind the scenes decided to celebrate the first year with the people who participated in the championship in 2023.

We spent years thinking about the best way to do it, at first the idea would be to really do it for the inclusive scenario as a whole, but today without support from third parties, what we have is a lot of desire and dedication. We decided to celebrate this year first with the people who participated in the Taça das Minas during its five editions in 2023. With the support of RedCat Produtora we observed the possibility of getting this project off the ground.

Minas Cup award date

The event already has a date set and will take place on December 17th, at 8pm, Brasília time. Furthermore, other information about the award will be announced soon.

(Photo: Disclosure/Taça das Minas)

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/valorant-taca-das-minas-awards-e-divulgado-confira-categorias

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