A Sentinels played a showmatch VALUING against the new cast of MoistxShopify this Monday (23). This was the debut of both teams after announcing their squads for 2024, however, the Sacy debuted with a 2-1 defeat.

(Photo: Disclosure/Sentinels)

The game started on Bind, chosen by Sentinels, with a composition already known to the team with the presence of two duelists. On the one hand, TenZ of Yoru e Zekken of Raze. The team won the match 13-2.

With a confident first map, Sentinels went to Ascentchosen by MxS, however, the team led by Jhonqt failed to surpass Odin Brawk and was defeated 13 to 8.

To close the showmatch, the third map was Haven. The team of blow tried to get the game going, but Moist didn’t give the Franchise team space to get into the game and managed to close the showmatch 13-5.

Sentinels x G2 Esports in a new Showmatch

Sentinels has a date set for a new showmatch, this time against G2 Esportsa team that will also be at VCT Americas 2024. Furthermore, the organization has not yet announced who the team’s duelist will be, which should be announced soon. The game takes place this Thursday (25th) at 5pm.

TenZ and Sacy at VCT Americas 2023
(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)
Raquel Ferreira
published in October 24, 2023

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