After a long period of hiatus, the CBLOL transfer window started moving again, even though it had not even been opened. A paiN Gaming is back in the spotlight and has submitted an offer for another player.

O More Esports found that Traditionalists are interested in Neptune, from LOS and presented an offer to have the player in their squad. The deal is considered difficult, as Onda Laranja does not wish to get rid of the player and will not facilitate a possible departure.

paiN moves after an impasse in the negotiation of TitaN, which was the organization’s main target, and has another better proposal on the table. The Ninjas offer greater value to RED, which makes business difficult for the Traditional organization.

Fluxo and Kabum even tried to hire Neptune, but backed away from the requested prices. The second mentioned, in turn, is confident in closing with TitaN, therefore it is no longer interested in ADC.

Netuno na LOS

Hired at the beginning of the year, the player arrived at Onda Laranja alongside Zay, also a FURIA player at the time. The duo had a good performance, but ended up separated midway through the year after third place in the 1st Split.

In the second stage, Neptune and Ranger were unable to repeat the same performance, without even securing a place in the competition’s playoffs. Los Grandes is currently studying new names for its lineup.

What does paiN say?

When contacted by the report, paiN Gaming did not respond at the time of publication of this article.

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Luis Santana
published in October 24, 2023edited 7 hours ago


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