A Riot Games announced this Friday (20) the Challengers 2024 calendar with changes, stages and new details for the next season. Furthermore, the More Esports found new information about the transfer window and the format of the championships.

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Firstly the Transfers Window is open and closes on January 15th. The calendar will feature three splits, in addition, split 1 of 2025 will take place at the end of 2024. The season will also feature two Promotion Series, one after each split that will be played by teams from the Premiere.

Check dates for each Challengers stage:

  • Open Qualifiers – January
  • Stage 1 Challengers 2024 – February
  • Stage 2 Challengers 2024 – May
  • VCT Ascension 2024 – Setembro
  • 2025 Season- October

According to information gathered by our report, the first two stages will have a format similar to Challengers Brasil, while the third will have a World Cup format.

In this new scenario, the two stages of the competition will follow the hybrid model. This means that both the Regular Phase as part of Knockout Stage will be online. The final phase will be held in person, paid for by Riot Games.

Riot Games increases the number of teams participating in Challengers 2024

Furthermore, the developer will increase the number of teams participating in Challengers from eight to 12, through open Qualifiers so that these vacancies can be filled.

Until now, The Union, ODDIK, TropiCaos, I live Keyd Stars e Liberty left competitive VALORANT due to dissatisfaction with Riot Games’ calendar. Furthermore, in an exclusive interview with More Esportsthe Global Head of VALORANT, Leo Fariastated that the Challengers aim to develop talent.

Riot Games Positioning

Mais Esports sought out Riot Games to issue a position on the information, the developer informed that new information on the subject will be published soon.

Challengers Calendar 2024
(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)
Raquel Ferreira
published in October 20, 2023

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