Spider-Man 2 is full of villains and marks the debut of the alien symbiote in the Insomniac universe. Venom is one of the Friendly Neighborhood’s most iconic foes, and this time, it seems more dangerous than ever.

Another notable villain in Spider-Man’s history is Carnage, another character with powers originating from an alien symbiote. In the original story, her origin comes from remnants of the extraterrestrial that inhabited Eddie Brock, left behind during his escape from prison.

Originally, Carnage is one of the villains originating from the alien that generated Venom.Source: Sony

But will Carnage appear in Spider-Man 2? If so, how does he come to exist in this universe? Voxel answers these and other questions below — of course, with spoilers. So, if you haven’t played the game yet, continue at your own risk.

Carnage appears in Spider-Man 2?

One of the side quests Spider-Man 2 involves Peter Parker against a sect called “The Flame”. The group believes that a great catastrophic event will happen that will end humanity and only they will be left, as they are better prepared to deal with the creatures that will emerge in this new phase.

Peter Parker and Miles Morales begin fighting the arson sect spreading across New York. So, Parker decides to investigate the group, trying to uncover the gang’s base and its leader.

Spider-Man and Wraith collaborate in the hunt against the cult leader.Spider-Man and Wraith collaborate in the hunt against the cult leader.Source: Sony

In one of the surprise invasions, Parker discovers that the sect arrests and tortures people, in addition to holding hostage those who decide to leave the group. Dissatisfied, he decides to free the prisoners and, during the fight, encounters Wraith, the anti-hero alter-ego of Yuri Watanabe, former police captain and friend of Spider-Man.

The duo decides to cooperate in fighting the sect, but Wraith seems to have a personal rivalry against the gang leader, until then called “The Flame”. Both seem to know each other from other disagreements and crimes, so she promises to take revenge by taking his life.

At one of the bases, Wraith arrives before Parker and decides to infiltrate the place on his own. Successfully, she reaches the leader and, just before assassinating him, Parker arrives and interrupts the murder. Spider-Man and Wraith fight and, in the middle of the fight, The Flame escapes and returns to command the gang.

In one of the investigations, Parker discovers that the cult is not hoping for an apocalypse, but rather causing it.. The spider discovers the location of another of the group’s bases, where civilians are held hostage and bombs guard the place. Fortunately, it manages to disable part of the devices, however, a speeding Oscorp train approaches the scene and threatens to blow up one of the still activated explosives.

VoxelCarnage does not appear in Spider-Man 2, but the game leaves the path open for the villain’s arrival.

In an attempt to contain him, Parker manages to derail the vehicle, but ends up trapped underneath it. Then, The Flame appears with some henchmen and takes advantage of the situation to set the place on fire and cause an explosion. During the final monologue, The Flame tells his plan and, on the derailed train, steals a protected sample of the symbiote that generated Venom and escapes successfully.

The Flame is Cletus Kassady

At the end of the mission, Wraith saves Peter and they call a truce. Then, in the last conversation between the two, Yuri states that he will continue investigating the sect leader’s whereabouts and reveals one of his names: Cletus Kassady who, in Spider-Man’s story, is Carnage’s host.

Em Spider-Man 2, Kassady doesn’t quite turn into Carnage, but the path is open for him to become the villain. Will Insomniac use him in a DLC, or will he be the main enemy of the next game?

Spider-Man 2 is now available and can be played on PS5.

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