A chapter closes in the trajectory of one of the most beloved professionals in the Riot Games community. Tixinhaknown by many who follow the developer’s games, recently announced his departure from the company after a journey of 10 years. In an exclusive interview with More Esports he told how he made the decision and also gave a spoiler about future projects.

Tixinha’s departure from Riot Games

Tixinha’s decision to leave Riot Games was marked by reflections on his career, achievements and the search for new challenges. In a statement, he shared his thoughts on this important transition.

It was a great 10 years. I have nothing to complain about what Riot did for my career and who I am today. I think if Riot games didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have started there at the beginning of 2013. I have a feeling of great pride in doing everything I’ve done during my career and also understanding everything Riot has done for me, than the game provided me, from the people who, in addition to teaching me, provided me, so I am very grateful.

I have nothing to complain about what Riot did for my career and who I am today.

The decision to leave Riot was made by Tixinha

When talking about leaving Riot, he clarified that the decision was personal and the result of reflections on his professional future.

Riot didn’t want me to leave! During the year-end conversations, negotiations, proposals and counter-proposals. Let’s go back a little so you can understand my thinking. I think around the middle of the year, after Américas, I started thinking about some things about my career.

Riot didn’t want me to leave!

Tixinha expressed gratitude for his career at Riot Games and highlighted that his decision was not motivated by dissatisfaction, but rather by the desire to explore new opportunities and focus on personal projects.

Several thoughts, several little things and several desires that I had, but I thought, ‘I won’t be able to do it because I can’t dedicate my time to this, because I have to dedicate my time to Riot’.

Now at the end of the year, I thought a lot, I talked to a lot of people about this, family, friends, people from the scene, to try to understand if I was thinking right. I had conversations with Riot itself. I have a huge space within VALORANT.

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Tixinha gives a brief report on the transition from LoL to VALORANT

Tixinha also highlighted his transition from League of Legends to VALORANT, revealing the constant search for new challenges and the opportunity to explore new things.

Regarding the transition from LoL to VALORANT, I’m always trying to look for new challenges, always trying to look for things where I can feel happy, where I can create other things, achieve new dreams. I felt that my cycle in LoL had ended, that I had nothing left to do in the game. I had already kind of given away everything I got. And then, I thought: ‘wow, a super new challenge, going to the FPS which is a totally different world’.

I felt that my cycle in LoL had ended, that I had nothing left to do in the game.

Caster experiences after arriving at Riot Games

Tixinha’s experience at VALORANT was marked by unforgettable moments, including interviews at international events that even highlighted his ability to communicate in other languages.

I feel like I’ve improved even more. I feel like I was an even better jump in VALORANT than I was in League. In VALORANT, Riot gave me absurd freedom and confidence, putting me in prominent scenarios, things I’ve never done in my life.

During his time at Riot Games, Tixinha participated in the VCT Americas and almost passed 100 dias in the United States to cover the Champions.

I spent almost 100 days in the United States to cover the Champions League. I had life and professional experiences that Riot gave me in VALORANT, which are like, there are no words to describe what Riot gave me this year and I’m very happy for that.

Tixinha in an interview with Fnatic at VCT LOCK//IN
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Memorable moments in 10 years of career

Tixinha highlighted two special moments during his career, one related to LOUD’s victory and the other to the interview with FNATIC in the grand final.

I was very happy in two moments. The first was LOUD being champion and me being there on the broadcast. I think it’s an achievement for the entire caster, for everyone who works in this part of communication, to have your region, the team you support there, where it was the best all year long.

Another moment was Lock//in because it was my great experience. I was very nervous about many new things I experienced at Lock//in and being able to interview FNATIC was an unforgettable experience.

What does the future hold for Tixinha?

When addressing the reasons that led him to make this decision, Tixinha highlighted the search for new challenges and the desire to explore other aspects of his career. He expressed the desire to create innovative projects and was inspired by personalities such as Island of Legends to guide your efforts in 2024.

I have many plans. I will continue in the lives and hope to get permission from Riot to do Watch Party, but my idea is to do Challengers and VCT Americas at the very least, but my channel will be VALORANT TV to watch whatever you want.

I want to create projects, create things that VALORANT needs that we don’t have yet. I’m thinking about ideas for different executions so it’s not just people talking there.

As for his future in the competitive scene, Tixinha clarified that he plans to remain involved in VCT. He emphasized his desire to focus on his personal projects, creating content and exploring new forms of entertainment.

Tixinha will not be the caster of Challengers, which was outsourced

When addressing the issue of not being a Challengers caster, Tixinha explained that there is still nothing defined regarding his participation in the outsourced championship. He highlighted his intention to focus on the VCB’s Watch Parties.

There is still nothing defined about this and my idea is to focus on VCB’s Watch Party because it will be the way I can best contribute to viewership, to creating content. Maybe the GC will need to call casters and this is the best scenario to reveal new people and give spaces to people who are growing.

Maybe the GC will need to call casters and this is the best scenario to reveal new people and give spaces to people who are growing.

I can add and create things for the Challengers since this year the league suffered a lot of this, in terms of engagement, viewership, structure changes and in some way I can help in the continuation of a relevant league and whatever I can.

Tixinha and other Riot Games casters
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Thanks to Riot and co-workers

In a message of thanks, Tixinha expressed his affection and gratitude for the people who accompanied him throughout his journey at Riot Games. He recognized the importance of colleagues, producers, cameras and other professionals who contributed to his professional growth.

I want to thank everyone who has always supported me, who has always treated me very well and helped me become who I am, no one makes a career alone, especially in this means of communication. So, I’m very proud of everyone who worked alongside me and made Tixinha.

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