O streamer Jean Mago is doing a bootcamp at South Korea and has been impressing everyone with his great performance at soloQ. This Thursday (21), he fell against none other than Faker and put on a great show in the match.

Currently Jean Mago remains in Elo Mestre with 310 games played, having a total of 60% Win Rate (185-125).

Jean Mago vs Faker na soloQ Coreana

The match between Jean Mago and Faker soon became one of the most talked about on X (formerly Twitter), and on the Brazilian’s stream more than 10 thousand people watched the duel.

Current four-time world champion, Faker also had Ruler on his team, considered the best ADC at the moment. The player was already a world champion and this year he won the Chinese championship twice and also secured the MSI for JD Gaming.

In the game in question, Jean Mago not only won the match, but also soloed Faker twice. See the clips of the Brazilian watching Faker’s reaction to the moves:

Playing against Faker’s Akali, Jean Mago was from Leblanc, his second most played champion in bootcamp, and finished 7/4/4.

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Source: https://maisesports.com.br/lol-jean-mago-sola-faker-duas-vezes-na-soloq-veja-os-videos

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