With the finalization of the calendar of VALUINGthe teams from Challengers they begin to move to make changes in their teams. As found out by the More Esports, the former player of MIBR, murizzz e adj must join the RETA Sports.

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According to the findings, the organization showed interest in signing the two players and carried out some tryouts. Furthermore, another name that was also present in the Franchise League and could join the duo is NagZet who previously announced his departure from KRÜ Esports.

According to sources close to our report, adj has already signed the contract and the announcement will be recorded soon. However, some document-related bureaucracy still needs to be completed.

murizzz and snw and trajectory in VALORANT

murizzz is one of the Brazilian players who was in the Franchise League in 2023, alongside MIBR. The organization’s former IGL also played for well-known organizations such as paiN Gaming and Vivo Keyd Stars.

On the other hand, SNW has been on the competitive scene since 2021 and had two brief stints in ODDIK. Furthermore, the player played the MEG alongside the cast Freed.


RETA Esports is an international organization, and is located in Mexico. And its CEO is the player who is in the Premier League defending Fullham, Raul Jimenez. The team has been present in the VALORANT competitive scene since 2023 when it participated in the Challengers LATAM nortehowever, failed to achieve the best performance.

If the signing is confirmed, RETA Esports will have the following composition for next year:

RETA Esports positioning

Our reporter contacted RETA Esports to comment on the players’ interest, the organization stated that it will not comment on the matter.

snw Elite Cup VALORANT
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