A Leviathan was the grand champion of the tournament OFF//SEASON of VALUING, Superdome Colombia last Sunday (12). In addition to being the championship’s MVP, quotation marks also showed happiness for his first title with the organization.

aspas celebrates its first title alongside Leviatán

This is the Brazilian star’s first title alongside Leviatán, since his signing to the team. The player was highlighted in the championship and topped the competition’s statistics table.

Winning is an incredible feeling and I’m very happy with my team, I love being here and I hope there are many more trophies for us.

Leviatán at Superdome Colombia against FURIA

The OFF//SEASON championship took place between the 10th and 12th of November with the presence of four teams that are in the Franchise League. Furthermore, the grand final took place between FURIA and Leviatán.

However, the Panthers were unable to overcome the team and lost the final series 3-0. However, even with the defeat, the team of in a row demonstrated a positive growth for the community.

Competition awards

Finally, the championship had a total prize pool of US$30,000. It is worth mentioning that in December, a The new edition of the competition will take place in Egypt, with the presence of FURIA.

It is worth mentioning that this is the first championship since the Leviatán announced its new squad for the 2024 franchise league. Furthermore, this was the first title of quotation marks after leaving the LOUD.

(Photo: Reproduction/Lembo)
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