Barcelona FC will have a team to compete in the VALUING Challengers Espanhol in 2024, according to leaker Lembo. Furthermore, according to the information, the club is organizing itself for the signings that should happen soon.

The club, known for its successful football tradition, explores opportunities beyond traditional fields. With a significant budget earmarked for the new VALORANT team, Barcelona is determined to compete.

Barcelona FC’s interest in entering VALORANT happens again

This This is not the first time that Barcelona has been interested in entering the competitive VALORANT scene. In 2022, reported that the team was interested in joining the sport with the arrival of the Franchise League, however, nothing materialized.

The Spanish team currently manages League of Legends teams – which is also developed by Riot Games – and PES.

(Photo: Reproduction)
Raquel Ferreira
published in November 13, 2023


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