O community manager da Riot, JoEllen, shared on Reddit that Omen will receive updates, while Clove will have bug fixes in Update 8.07. It is worth mentioning that elu was the last agent released in VALUING.

In a post, rioter stated that the changes are being tested on the VALORANT PBE.

[April 5, 2024] VALORANT PBE Patch Notes 8.07 + Bug Megathread
byu/JoEllenPDF inValorantPBE

Agent Update


Omen is now able to pick up the Spike and interact with other usable items, such as doors, while in Shadow Leap (X) without having to cancel the ability. The goal is to make these interactions more intuitive and clearly intended.


  • Fixed a bug where I’m Not Dead Yet (X) would not progress in the weekly mission “Use Your Ultimate” and the Match Details incorrectly reported 0 rolls.
  • Fixed a bug where Gambit (E) used after death did not report to Match Details.
  • Fixed a bug where Clove’s aiming direction would change abruptly when suppressed during I’m Not Dead Yet (X).
  • Fixed a bug where Clove would sometimes resurrect without her primary weapon when using I’m Not Dead Yet (X).
  • Fixed a bug where Clove’s head and arm hitboxes could be offset when sharply aiming up or down with Gambit (E) equipped.
  • Fixed the same bug that also occurred while Clove was crouching with Gambit (E) equipped.
  • Fixed a bug where Devitalization (Q) used an incorrect skill icon in the combat report.
  • Submitted a speculative fix for the Revitalize (C) HUD, which would sometimes show >150 total health values ​​when taking fall damage when Clove activated the ability

It is worth noting that there is still no information about when the new VALORANT update will arrive. Additionally, other fixes may appear.

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published in April 7, 2024

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