When it was launched in November 2020, in the pre-pandemic era, the PlayStation 5 was accompanied by several new generation features. One of the differences was Game Help, a feature where players can see video cuts of specific parts of the games with various tips from developers.

Although the feature did not attract much attention from the community, Sony decided to work on an improved version to improve it. In publication in PS Blog this Tuesday (26), Sabrina Meditz, senior director at SIE, revealed that the Japanese giant will launch Community Game Help in 2024.

Basically, Community Game Help is an expanded version of Game Help that will be available to all PS5 users this year. The specific date has not been confirmed at this time, but the launch will take place in the “coming months”.

It will be possible to access Community Game Help through the game screen itself.Source: PS Blog

As the name suggests, the resource will make use of content generated by PS5 users themselves. This means that, in addition to clips from developers (at least in games that support Game Help), you will also be able to view videos with tips from other players.

“If you’re already familiar with the current Game Help experience, Community Game Help will also be quite familiar,” Meditz explained on Sony’s official blog. “If you find yourself in a sticky situation and need help, press the PS button to open the Control Center and look for an Action Card with the ‘Insider Tips’ icon.”

How to use Community Game Help on PS5?

Through Community Game Help, players will be able to contribute significantly to different types of games — and access will be made easier even on the PlayStation App for smartphones.

Want to know how to contribute when the feature becomes available in the coming months? So check out the step by step that must be done directly from your console:

  • Go to [Capturas e Transmissões] > [Capturas] > [Capturas Automáticas] > [Community Game Help]then select [Participar] to join the program.
  • You can also select the monthly capture limit to control how many videos you allow to be captured of your gameplay in a month.

Check out the step-by-step guide above to access Community Game Help on PS5.Check out the step-by-step guide above to access Community Game Help on PS5.Source: PS Blog

It is worth remembering that only game videos will be uploaded. Therefore, images and audio from your webcam, microphone, or group chat audio will not be shared with the community.

However, depending on the game you are playing, the video may include IDs of other players, as well as chat messages displayed on the screen.

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