O VALORANT Mobile should be released later this year. Riot’s FPS in the mobile version is in beta since the beginning of August, with availability only on the Asian continent. However, some bad news is that a user has already found players using cheats in the version.

In the publication, it is possible to note that the player can identify the opponent’s position. In addition, he also shoots and can take a headshot in a simple way. It is worth remembering that the police in China recently arrested 10 people for selling cheats, which are banned in the country.

VALORANT Mobile gameplay video

Recently, the Chinese VALORANT profile shared a video almost six minutes long, providing viewers with a more detailed look at the gameplay and game mechanics.

Although we still don’t have information about the official launch of the mobile version of the game, it is clear that Riot is working on developing the FPS for mobile devices. Even though there is no official date set, there are strong rumors indicating that the launch could take place in 2023.

published in September 25, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/valorant-mobile-antes-de-lancamento-cheats-aparecem-na-versao-para-celular

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