This Monday (11) the coach of FNATIC, mini announced through social media that he will not continue alongside the organization. The coach of VALUING revealed that he communicated six months ago the possibility of not renewing the contract.

In the publication, mini explained the reason for leaving and said it was a difficult decision to make, but at the moment she needs to know herself a little more. Furthermore, he thanked the organization for their time with the cast.

I would like to thank FNATIC for placing a lot of trust in me over the last 3 years, all the boys I have trained throughout my career, all those I worked with at FNATIC and everyone who supported us!

I grew a lot from this experience, but I would just like to be a little more “Jacob Harris” and not “mini” 24/7 (Jacob is much more relaxed. Unfortunately, they are both equally short).

mini and FNATIC not VALORANT

Alongside FNATIC, mini spent three years leading the VALORANT squad and participated in almost all international championships. In 2023, the coach had his best year when emerge champion of VCT LOCK//INwhere he won the LOUD in front of the Brazilian fans and also in Masters Tokyoafter hitting the EG.

No Champions 2023FNATIC arrived as one of the favorites for the title, but failed to reach the top and fell to LOUD in the lower bracketby 2 to 1.

mini gave notice before ending the contract

Also in the announcement text, mini stated that he informed FNATIC six months ago that he would possibly leave the cast to explore new opportunities. With the end of his contract, he is looking for new offers as an assistant coach or other roles.

I mentioned to FNATIC about 6 months ago that there was a good chance I wouldn’t re-sign next year as head coach, looking for a better work-life balance.

While talks continue with FNATIC to figure out a suitable future, my contract has ended, so I will also be looking at offers from other teams. The roles I would be most interested in are assistant coaches or GMing. I’m open to exploring other roles if it makes sense.

(Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)


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