A G2 remains dominant in Europe! In yet another final, the organization won the Fnatic 3-1 and lifted another LEC cup. This year, the Samurais were champions twice and isolated themselves as the league’s most successful.

Everything was heading towards a calm 3-0, but they lost the third game and came back even better afterwards. This is G2’s 12th title in Europe and they are on the top shelf, with no shadow chasing them.

With the title, Caps also reached his 10th LEC title, becoming even more Europe’s main face in League of Legends. He is the second player to achieve the feat in a major region. The first was the South Korean Faker.


G2 no Worlds 2023

The Samurais are at Worlds 2023. In the Swiss Phase, they await the result of the tournament play-in and only then will they play in the LoL Worlds. G2 has never won the tournament, but they have an MSI on their books.

The Entry Phase draw took place right after the LEC final and the LOUD debut against the Marines. The community also reacted to the clash, in addition to the Brazilians’ situation.

Luis Santana
published in September 10, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/lec-2023-g2-vence-a-fnatic-e-e-campea-do-season-finals

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