The inclusive cast of LOUD could be about to undergo yet another change during the transfer window of the VALUING. According to The Enemy portal, Jelly chose to consider proposals from other teams and has no intention of remaining in the organization.

(Photo: Riot Games)

In the same week that Chrism e lissa announced that they are open to new proposals, Jelly’s possible departure suggests that the organization is about to undergo an overhaul next year.

MIBR survey for 2024

According to the information, the MIBR is the organization most interested in hiring Jelly, who stood out as one of the main figures in the Brazilian inclusive scenario in 2023. The portal stated that negotiations should be concluded before the end of the year.

Furthermore, the player must join the ex-Legacy trio, sayuri, mel e srN who must be the new Made In Brazil players.

Jelly LOUD

Jelly has been part of LOUD since March 2023, when the organization announced its entry into the inclusive VALORANT scene. During her time in the organization, the athlete only won the first qualifying round of the second stage of the Game Changers Brasil 2023.

Photo of Jelly, LOUD player
(Photo: Riot Games)
Raquel Ferreira
published in December 20, 2023


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