Another year with victories and defeats is about to end in VALUING. To celebrate the year, Riot Games announced for the second time the VALORANT Retrospective, which is available from this Wednesday (20), to allow players to see their information and statistics during 2023.

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How do I see my retrospective?

If you had the option “Communication from Riot Games” checked in your Riot account settings before December 14th, check your inbox for an email from Riot containing your Retrospective.

If you haven’t received the email, you need to wait. The distribution process takes time. Also, be sure to check your Spam folder and make sure it is in the correct inbox.

While this setting is normally on by default, Riot insists on double-checking to ensure you receive direct email communications. If the option is disabled, you will not receive your summary.

To check if Riot emails about VALORANT are enabled, you can follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Riot account

Login screen. Photo: Reproduction

2. On the Account Management page, click Communication Preferences.

How to access the 2023 VAL Retrospective
(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

3. In the Communication Preferences box, make sure “Riot Games Communication” is enabled.

If it was already activated and you never messed with it, don’t worry; You should receive your VALORANT 2023 Retrospective soon.

What does the VALORANT 2023 Retrospective include?

Here’s everything your VALORANT 2023 Flashback will include:

  • The main stats page, showing your kill/death/assist rate, number of matches won, most played game mode, and total damage dealt.
  • Agent statistics containing your most played agent, the agent who gave you the highest kill/death/assist rate and the agent who gave you the most wins, along with a mention of the role you played the most and the agent who eliminated you the most.
  • Number of aces, first bloods and clutches you’ve scored, along with the number of times you’ve been the victim of first blood.
  • Maps, highlighting the map where you had the highest kill/death/assist rate and the one with the most wins.
  • A frag stats page, highlighting your weapon, melee, and skill kills, as well as your melee kills.
  • A friend statistics page, comparing your achievements with those of your friends.
  • Last but not least, a personal progress page that gives you a summary of how you did in 2023 compared to 2022.
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