O MIBR was one of the teams that received the VCT 2024 team capsule, this Wednesday (21). Through social media, the Brazilian team shared the details behind the concept of creating the items, with a connection to the history of electronic sport.

Inspired by the beginning of everything, the first gamer setup and the golden age of online games, our Team Capsule tells ours, yours and the stories of several Brazilian players.

Story behind the Capsule

MIBR not only presented a cosmetic capsule for VALORANT, but also brought a narrative that speaks to the roots of the esports.

Through a special video, the team provided a more in-depth look at the concept behind the design of the cosmetics and took the community back to the time when setups were simple, with a “bar” chair and also with references to internet cafes.

Easter Egg do Counter-Strike na Cápsula

The image shared by Noyn highlights a clear reference to Counter-Strike 1.6, the iconic title that helped shape the history of esports.

The monitor shown in the image features figures that directly refer to the characteristic screen of Counter-Strike 1.6, an image that has become emblematic for generations of players and fans of the game.

Community praises MIBR capsules

The community praised the organization for its attention to detail and for bringing homage to the early days of esports. By bringing back memories of simplicity.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/valorant-capsula-do-mibr-apresenta-easter-egg-de-cs-1-6

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