A Evolution Championship Seriesor EVOand the bigger championship of fighting games in the world and has been happening since 1996but may have to be saved by He nods? Yes, the competition seeks to renew its audience and strengthen its community, since the pandemic, and Poki can be this salvation.

EVO for streamers? Changes with Pokimane

He nods In 2021, she became co-owner of EVO and because of the streamer, the competition received the presence of her and other major streamers in 2023.

After Pokimane’s appearance at EVO, the competition organizers hope to receive even more major streamers participating in the tournament in 2024 and being able to produce their content alongside the competition in Las Vegas.

Photo: Reproduction/Twitch/Pokimane

In an interview with the portal Dexerto, Rick Thiher, EVO Manager, said that streamers value competition even more. Check out:

I think EVO over the last few years has really been focused on, “How do we create and renew fighting game fandom? How can we take the community that gave rise to the event and truly appreciate that it has grown into a literal culture?” Having someone like Pokimane show up is cool for the megaphone they can have to show that these games, this community is worth your time, worth your interest

Nods to vivendo nova fase

Pokimane, in an announcement with a farewell tone, appears to have separated from Twitch. The streamer’s new phase could be a way to get closer to the EVO competition, and its community.

In the photo, Pokimane, globally successful streamer at EVO 2023
Photo: Reproduction/Youtube
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