This Tuesday (31) in an interview with Ilha das Lendas, Jean OrtegaCEO yes LOUDspoke about the decision to leave recognized players from the VALUING leave the organization.

In the interview, the questions talked about the transfer window and had the main focus on League of Legendshowever, Jean also commented on players who left LOUD in VALORANT.

Sacy, pANcada and quotation marks and the sustainability of LOUD

Asked by Ilha about the departure of some idols from the team, such as Sacy, blow and quotation markshe highlighted LOUD’s approach to keeping players and the difficulty compared to salaries offered by other teams and the organization’s purpose.

At the end of the day, LOUD is a sustainable company and will trouble the scene for a long time to come. The biggest problem that is putting esports through such a difficult time is teams spending money recklessly without regard for the economics of their ecosystem. But it’s not always about money, another less talked about reason is simply cultural fit; Building the culture of champions we want is not just about winning isolated championships, but about building a legacy and heritage for the brand and our fans.

LOUD is a sustainable company and will be disruptive for a long time to come.

Former LOUD players left the organization at different times. On the one hand, sacy and pANcada were the new signings of Sentinels at the end of 2022 and are currently on the team, on the other hand, quotation marks signed with Leviathan for next season of the Franchise League.

Jean promised changes after the eliminations of LOUD’s LoL teams (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Raquel Ferreira
published in November 1, 2023edited 2 days ago


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