The players of XIT found a new organization to compete for the VALUING Challengers Brasil 2024 (VCB)according to the findings of the More Esports Legacy directed the signing of the players. Furthermore, the cast will also feature Flurry as a coach.

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The investigation indicates that after resisting continuing in the scenario of VALUINGLegacy is interested in hiring the runner-up team of the MEGchampionship OFF//SEASON.

The players were looking for a home to represent at Challengers Brasil 2024. According to the information, all that remains is to sign the contract for next season.

It is worth mentioning that DrakoNz is a streamer of Cloud9but there is no information on what the player’s situation will be with the organization.

If the contract is completed, Legacy will have the following lineup for 2024:

  • Swag
  • rich
  • DrakoNz
  • skz
  • go over
  • Fluyr (coach)

Legacy, vacancy at VCB and inclusive scenario

Previously, Legacy’s CEO stated that the organization would participate in Challengers with an inclusive castHowever, this Wednesday (13) the announcement was different and the Game Changers line-up left Legacy.

According to our report, if the organization hires the XIT mixed cast, Legacy will not continue in the Game Changers next season.

Furthermore, there was an attempt to sell the VCB vacancy, which did not materialize, due to the lack of interest of other companies in investing in the modality.

Organization positioning

Our reporter contacted Legacy about their interest in hiring the XIT line-up and received the following response: We see it with good eyes, but nothing has been defined.

Reaching the XIT in the Elite Cup
(Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games)
Raquel Ferreira
published in December 13, 2023edited a day ago


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