Announced on stage at The Game Awards 2023 last Thursday (07), the first major DLC de God of War Ragnarokentitled “Valhalla“, is now available for free to anyone who owns the base game on PS4 or PS5. And look, this is the type of content that didn’t promise anything, but ended up delivering everything — including the iconic weapon from the classic trilogy and several easter eggsto the delight of nostalgics.

Acting as a sort of epilogue to the main plot, Kratos and Mimir’s journey through Valhalla is a campaign with links to the history of God of War Ragnarok. The entire plot takes place after the events of the game and has large doses of history for fans of the franchise.

Despite being in Nordic lands, the Spartan will have to face some of the ghosts of his past in a game style based on the roguelite genre — so expect even more intense challenges in this expansion. Check out the trailer:

How to access the God of War Ragnarok DLC on PS4 or PS5?

To access the expansion Valhalla em God of War Ragnarok on PS4 or PS5 it’s quite simple. Just look for the DLC shortcut in the base game menu, which will direct you to the content on the PS Store — of course, the game needs to be updated with the most recent update. After that, click “Download” and wait for the download to complete.

Another good news is that the DLC also has a new list of trophies to be won. In total there are 12 new mugs, one in silver and 11 in bronze.

Want to know more about the history of the free expansion? The next few lines may contain spoilers about the DLC for God of War Ragnarok. Follow at your own risk!

Discover Valhalla

This is Kratos and Mimir’s first visit to Valhalla in Norse mythology. It’s worth remembering that the kingdom does not appear at any point during the campaign events of the first and second games — so everything that happens there is a mystery that you will unravel as you play the DLC of God of War Ragnarok.

Kratos will face intense challenges in Valhalla.Source: PS Blog

Another intriguing novelty is that the Gameplay has been reimagined for the expansion and introduces a number of temporary enhancementssuch as Glyphs, Statistics, Benefits and Runic Attacks, with each of them having an impact in different ways during the game.

Additionally, players can also choose between five different difficulty levels, with each of them offering its own set of rewards.

Classic weapon and easter eggs from the God of War Ragnarok DLC

Well, the icing on the cake God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla These are definitely the beautiful references to Greek mythology, which refer to Kratos’ great moments when he fought under the command of Zeus. I don’t even need to say that this is where the DLC won the hearts of fans, right? Check out some of the best below easter eggs!

5. Capa the God of War 2

References from the classic trilogy in the DLC God of War Ragnarok start with this beautiful easter egg of Kratos on cape day Valhallawhich refers to the main art of God of War 2PlayStation 2 classic.

Nice reference to GoW 2 on the cover of the God of War Ragnarok DLC.Nice reference to GoW 2 on the cover of the God of War Ragnarok DLC.Source: PS Store

4. Cyclops strolling through Valhalla?

Another beautiful reference found in the DLC trailer is the return of the Cyclopes, iconic monsters that Kratos faced in Greek lands in the original trilogy.

3. Head of Helios

Remember that part of God of War 3 in which Kratos rips off Helios’ head without mercy? Well, the sun god is back — but he’s not as chatty as Mimir.

2. Blade of Olympus for Norse no fault

In the classic trilogy, Kratos was a true “weapons master”, as he had the ability to wield a very respectable arsenal. One of the most iconic swords he ever wielded was the Blade of Olympus — which, to the delight of many nostalgic fans, is also one of the highlights of the Olympus DLC. God of War Ragnarok.

1. Old School Kratos

Finally, the DLC God of War Ragnarok also provided another epic scene for fans by showing the old school Kratos sitting on his throne and meeting the “new Kratos.” If the classic trilogy had a remake, would this be what the Spartan actually looked like? It doesn’t hurt to dream, right Santa Monica?

What did you think of the easter eggs em God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla? Comment on social media Voxel if you are already venturing once again to Nordic lands!


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