The transfer window continues and teams are preparing to reshape their squads. VALUING for 2024. According to leaker Lembo, Shycurrent player of Leviathanreceived an offer from KRÜ to defend the squad next season.

Shy receives proposal from KRÜ for 2024

In the publication, the leaker stated that there is a negotiation between the two LATAM teams to sign the player. Furthermore, Leviatán already has another name in mind to replace Shy.

aspas in Leviathan

Finally, the organization also is close to hiring the Brazilian star, to be Leviatán’s new duelist.

After the announcement of LOUD’s departure, speculation began to emerge. One leaker reported the organization’s interest in signing the Brazilian player.Furthermore, following the news, the CEO of Leviatán, Fernando Diez, confirmed the organization’s proposal to sign the athlete.

Recently, the CEO gave an exclusive interview to the More Esports and opened up about the progress of the Brazilian’s signing.

(Foto: Chris Betancourt/Riot Games)
Raquel Ferreira
published in September 23, 2023


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