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Robo, Croc, Tinowns, Route e Ceos are in South Korea to compete in the Worlds 2023 (LoL world championship). In addition to training, they are also taking the opportunity to play the most competitive ranked queue in the world!

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Link of LOUD players in Korean soloQ –
Updated 9/24

Next, check out which link the LOUD players are in in the Korean LoL soloQ. The last update was made at 13:00.

  • O elo do LOUD Robo in soloQ Korean is Teacher com 112 points;
  • O elo do LOUD Croc in soloQ Korean is Diamante 3 com 39 points and Diamante 2 com 0 points on second account;
  • O elo do LOUD tinowns in soloQ Korean is Teacher com 50 points;
  • O elo do LOUD Route in soloQ Korean is Diamante 2 com 14 points;
  • O elo do LOUD Ceos in soloQ Korean is Diamante 1 com 8 points;

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What are the nicknames of the LOUD players on Korean soloQ?

  • LOUD Robo: Micro Waves
  • LOUD Croc: JunJia’s son e IDL Ranger
  • LOUD tinowns: air conditioning
  • LOUD Route: abcc123
  • LOUD Ceos: kuwqgh

Details about LOUD games on Korean LoL soloQ


The LOUD top laner remains the player with the most matches and the one with the most LOUD points. Their main champion is still Olaf, but he is no longer undefeated. Now, there are 7 matches with five wins and two losses with the champion.


Croc wasn’t doing very well on his main account, JunJia’s son, and started playing on another account under the name IDL Ranger. In it, the South Korean is already in Diamond 2 and his main champion is Sejuani, in which he has not yet known defeat in the Korean ranked ranks.


Tinowns is the second LOUD player to reach Master! The mid laner achieved the feat on his third day of bootcamp and Orianna remains his main champion. With her, the player has 12 games, nine wins and three losses, which totals 75% WinRate with the character.


Route is the LOUD player who has played the least amount of games so far. There were 15 games, 13 wins and only two defeats. Its main champion continues to be Kai’Sa with seven matches, 5 wins and two losses.


Ceos was the last LOUD player to start playing in the ranked queues and already managed to make up for lost time on the first day. The player has 27 games and an incredible 21 wins, in addition to six defeats. Support is at Diamond 1 and close to reaching Master.

Worlds 2023: LOUD is Brazil in the LoL world championship

Although LOUD players are taking advantage of LoL’s Korean soloQ, the focus is on Worlds 2023, the LoL world championship. The tournament takes place between October 10th and November 19th, with stages in Seoul and Busan.

LOUD starts in the Entry Phase and has GAM as its first opponent. The last time Brazil played against a team from Vietnam was seven years ago.

Follow complete coverage of Worlds 2023 with game calendar, schedules, table, statistics, format, teams and other information here on More Esports!

Follow the link of all LOUD players in the Korean LoL soloQ (Image: Disclosure/CBLOL)


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