The international casters commented on the changes in Leviathan, with the cast’s debut on Argentina Game Show. The cast played a showmatch against the KRÜ Esportsrecently on PlatChat, podcast about VALUING

Sideshow He is one of the most recognized commentators on the VALORANT scene, for his opinions. Despite seeing the debut between KRÜ and Leviatán, he states that it is still necessary to wait for other games to see how the teams will perform.

I have hopes that Leviatán will be great, but despite what I said at the beginning of the year, I’m waiting and I can only believe it when I see it.

At another time, he also commented that he was anxious for Leviatán and G2 face each other, so that tex in front The Guard’s former teammates.

What I want to see is G2 versus Leviatán, considering both teams look good on paper. In this, they should be the two best teams in the Americas. Tex’s match against his old teammates will be fun.

Mimi, being the only woman who appears recurrently on the program, also commented on her first impression of the cast. Furthermore, she also commented on the team’s language change.

If they didn’t even choose a language and didn’t have calls regarding the language, there are three players who speak Spanish and quotation marks and tex, both duelists. I think this is the best way to manage this team.

Leviathan not VALORANT 2024

With the hiring, Leviatán will have the following lineup for 2024:

Leviatán’s next appointment will be at SUPERDOME Latamchampionship OFF//SEASON which will be attended by FURY, who announced his cast recently. The tournament starts on November 10th and takes place in Bogotá, Colombia.

(Photo: Reproduction/aspaszin)
Raquel Ferreira
published in October 21, 2023


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