A MEG heads to the final stage, with the presence of four remaining teams in the championship OFF//SEASON of VALUING. The teams return to the server this weekend to decide who will be the finalists for the competition.

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MEG Calendar 2023

  • 3pm – FURY x XIT
  • 18h – MIBR x RED Canids

FURIA and XIT in the upper key

A FURY it’s at XIT These are the teams that advanced in the upper bracket of the competition. Both teams have only lost one map so far. On the one hand, FURIA won the MIXX 2-0, while XIT placed the The Union and lower.

Red Canids e MIBR na Lower

A RED Canids had a direct passage to the penultimate round of the lower bracket after off-server decisions. In addition Union announced his withdrawal, citing the lack of permission and time to make an adequate replacement after the departure of xand.

O MIBR won their place in last Friday’s series (20) with an exciting victory against Arca do Marlow. The final score of 2-1 demonstrated the fierce fight that both teams fought to stay in the championship.

The team that wins the match will face the loser of the lower bracket this Sunday (22) to decide the last finalist of MEG 2023.


The OFF//SEASON event will have a total prize pool of R$100,000. Check values ​​for each position in the championship:

1st place – R$60,000.00 (sixty thousand reais)
2nd place – R$30,000.00 (thirty thousand reais)
3rd place – R$5,000.00 (five thousand reais)
4th place – R$5,000.00 (five thousand reais)

VALORANT Championship Schedule

FURIA cast BRAVE 2024 - Koy and Mwzera
(Photo: Disclosure/FURIA)
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published in October 21, 2023

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