Riot Games released an article explaining the process of creating Clove, after its release. Furthermore, in the text it is possible to understand how the developer created this agent and also revealed some adjustments it made before its arrival in the game.

Clove arrived at VALUING on March 26 in the controllers class. It is worth mentioning that elu is the first non-binary agent in the game.

Changes to Clove’s smokes before launch

In the publication, Riot informs that the Gambit (E) it underwent some changes before officially reaching the servers, that is, previously, after the slaughter, players could use smoke anywhere.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

However, the developer forced players to think about how to help the team after dying.

Early versions of this ability were global, making it a foolproof smoke that you could place in the same location as any other Controller. Once we restricted her range a bit, Clove players were more likely to try something different to help with the afterlife, which helped improve the variety of her smoke casts.

Clove was born to make the game more aggressive

Currently in the competitive scenario we have some examples of more aggressive controllers. Thus, Riot Games’ idea was precisely to leave elu as a game-seeking controller, different from what we see in other agents such as Brimstone e Harbor.

Early on, we assumed that those who play aggressively by nature didn’t have enough varied options within the Controller role. Before Clove, to play Controller, those who wanted to go for it almost always went as Omen.

What does it look like and where did the inspiration come from?

Clove was inspired by the afterlife, but the developer didn’t want to give it a dark and unpleasant aspect. Thus, Riot Games brought a more insightful and warm look.

Since Clove’s abilities dance around death, their appearance followed the idea of ​​organic decay. The conceptual artists took inspiration from deteriorating fruits and vegetables when drawing the ripples and lines that flicker in the smoke delu. Add a sprinkle of iridescent butterfly clouds and voilà! Clove’s abilities became a synthesis of rebirth and beauty.

The pinks and purples that swirl around Clove’s abilities are cute and playful. Furthermore, the elements of rebirth and beauty are reflected in its theme of “beautiful death”.

Clove agent VALORANT 3
(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, Clove has deep roots in Scottish tradition. Her personality is a mix of warmth and insight, dreaminess and sarcasm, reflecting her storytelling ability and her commitment to the community.


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